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Michael D. Hood, CLU, ChFC, AEP, CSA,
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PABLO says:
I am submitting this complaint concerning Khalsa Mc Brearty accountancy in hopes you can stop them from continuing to defraud the public.We have been trying to resolve this situation for 2 years. Operation Education, Inc hired the accounting firm Khalsa Mc Brearty, The owners Johda Khalsa and Bill Mc Brearty sent representatives (their sons Guru Khalsa and Brad Mc Brearty) into this newly started business, Operation Education, Inc. They spoke with several sales people, managers, and staff gathering Operation Education's confidential data to help the firm run better. This was under the cover of the company CPA's. giving Operation Education, Inc financial advice, marketing, sales, business planning,projections,tax planning, tax prep, sales, CPA expertise, counselling, etc. Operation Education started a business providing an education program to assist active duty soldiers to get their associates degree while they were still on active duty. Along with that we provided laptops and other electronics. Guru Khalsa and Brad Mc Brearty of Khalsa Mc Brearty accountancy, were brought into the Operation Education offices as trusted advisers and employees of Khalsa Mc Brearty accountancy. They took all of Operation Education's forms, power point presentation, sales agreements, sales presentation, business plan, forms, marketing ideas, cash flow statements,etc. (see affidavits) They spoke with the sales staff, marketing staff, and management. They ended up using the exact same information for their own benefit and destroying Operation Education. Within 90 days Khalsa Mc Brearty contacted our sales managers and persuaded them to breach their contacts and go to work for them. The sales managers new Khalsa Mc Brearty was Operation Educations Trusted adviser's and C.P.A.'s. Based upon the knowledge that Khalsa Mc Brearty had all of Operation Educations confidential information, new about their non compete clause, their confidentially clause in their written contracts, and they were told by Khalsa Mc Brearty that they had "NO risk" if they breached their contract with Operation Education, they did. Operation Education's CPA firm, Khala Mc Brearty analysed the confidential information that was provided to them as trusted advisers.They provided us with a spread sheet projection that Operation Education would net $22,000,000 over a 5 year time frame. From there on they wanted Operation Education for themselves. They offered to come in as 50/50 partners and provide such things as accounting and marketing. We went back and forth over the unethical proposal. They told Operation Education's consultant that they were having hard times and needed cash flow desperately. We did not make a deal and this destroyed our relationship.They had all of Operation education's confidential information and financial documents and went forward and used them for their own benefit. Soon after, (see affidavits) they contacted Operation Education's marketing and sales directors while they were still working for Operation Education, Inc. and lured them away. We have affidavits from Operation Educations former sales director, Eliot Pierce and Ryan Williamson, that Khalsa McBrearty' had our confidential information, wanted to start their own business from the information they had received from Operation Education when they were Operation Education's CPA's and trusted CPA's and financial advisers. Khalsa Mc Brearty accountancy couldn't figure out how Operation Education sold the program They needed Operation Education's sales directors to teach them how to sell and market the program. Our CPA;s went into a partnership with our marketing and sales directors even though the CPA's new the marketing and sales directors were under a non compete and non disclosure agreement. Our CPA's did this while they knew Operation Education, Inc while was in good faith settlement discussions concerning the marketing and sales directors breach of contact. Our CPA's, their employee;s and their family members defrauded and destroyed Operation Education, Inc. All of our trained sales staff left. At least three other of our sales went to work with our CPA's, employee's and their families. We have all of their affidavit's that state that our CPA's, their employee's and family members are doing the exact business, using the exact sales presenation, exact power point presentation, using the exact paper work same as what our CPA's, their employee;s and family members stole from Operation Education,Inc as trusted CPA's and advisers. We were left broke and $250,000 of start up debt. Our CPA's, their employee;s and theirs families went out and duplicated Operation Education's business plan. This is a letter that was sent to them. Khalas Mc Breadty, Operation Education, inc has received information that you and your firm have breached it's fiduciary duty to Operation Education,inc. We have knowledge of your relationship with Eliot Pierce and Ryan Williamson.You know the relationship they have with Operation Education,inc. As past and or present CPA.'s of Operation Education, Inc's you have confidential information, a fiduciary duty to Operation Education,inc, and in no way should be affiliated with this type of conduct. We are in good faith negations with Eliot and Ryan to find a way to cure their current breach with Operation Education,inc. Please do not insult our intelligence and attempt to say it's Guru. One, you sent Guru into Operation Education, inc as your Representative to gather confidential information. Two we have obtain evidence that Kahlsa Mc Breadty employees and resources were, and are being used in the Liberty Corporation. Bill assured us that if this type of breach took place that your malpractice/ E & O insurance would be used to pay for our Damages, we need to hold you to that promise. Out of respect to you Jodha, we would like to give you a chance to make this right. We will consider a portion of the Gross with full accountability from you and or a lump sum in the eight digit range. Please let Operation Education, Inc know by e-mail on or before 07/17/07 1:30 pm if you would like to work this out peacefully. If not, please send a copy of your Malpractice/ & E&O ins. We have an email from Khalsa Mc Brearty stating that Guru Khalsa has Operation Educations confidential information but he his not using it, but is studying Spanish. This email is in evidence. We have Khalsa Mc Brearty clients who will testify that they were in a meetings were Bill Mc Brearty spoke about Operation Education and that he was acting as it's adviser. They never respond to Operation Education, Inc requests. We have written testimony under the penalty of perjury of two former employees of Khalsa Mc Brearty accountancy. Khalsa Mc Brearty also use the names, Techsmart, Tactical Learning, Sublime, Liberty Learning, Wipikh, Liberty Financial, Khalsa Mc Brearty & associates, The affidavit state that Khalsa Mc Brearty had and all of Operation Education's confidential, propriety, work product, and business plan. They state that Khalsa Mc Brearty used all of this data for their own benefit with totally disregard to their clients Operation Education, Inc Using their clients, Operation Education's, confidential information they have grossed over $8,000,000.00 ( Eight Million Dollars ) over the last 24 months. Leaving their client on the verge of bankruptcy. Any help you can bring us will be appreciated. Their E & O insurance has been asked for on many occasions, they refused to disclose it