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Sheldon Douglas Slagel

New England Financial

Honolulu, HI



New England Financial


(908) 521-0818


Sheldon Douglas Slagel
1100 Ward Ave Ste 500
Honolulu, HI 96814

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mrs S says:
I've called 4 different times since yesterday the 5th, today is 10/6 Wednesday. I'm guessing cherianne was or is very busy as usually she's very promt at returning calls. She's been very helpful to us whenever we've needed anything! Much appreciated!!!! We have a very simple question: CAN EFT-DIRECT DEPOSIT BU USED AS AN OPTION ON A PARTIAL WITHDRAWAL OF AN ANNUITY ACCT? My husband works for refigerant recyclers . If SOMEONE COULD PLEASE EMAIL US AS TO WETHER WE CAN USE EFT DIRECT DEPOSIT WITH A PARTIAL WITHDRAWAL SOMETIME TODAY 10/6 Wednesday it will be much appreciated!!!! Thank you for your time and attention on this matter! Sincerely, mrs. S