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Douglas Wilson Grenier, FICF, LUTCF

Modern Woodmen of America

Bettendorf, IA



Modern Woodmen of America


(563) 355-2800


Douglas Wilson Grenier, FICF, LUTCF
1529 Grant Street
Bettendorf, IA 52722

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Pat says:
Doug is a low life ponzi scammer. He stole from his friends. Without any recourse from modern woodman/ the law. He targeted the working class. Now he claims to be a financial broker. Him & his dad belong in jail.

Michael says:
Doug is a crook!! Do not buy into his modern woodmen insurance scheme..

Barb says:
Doug is a crook! The only thing he knows about investing is = always have a crooked lawyer as he steals your money. Him and his dad should bein jail. They stole a lot of money from people in Moline thru a Ponzi scheme called = paytel communications.

jim says:
Doug is the typical financial broker = that has made himself rich by stealing from his clients. He gets away with this because of all the money he has made for modern woodmen and his lawyers. Stay clear!!

john says:
Also, Doug used clients from Modern Woodmen of America in the Paytel ponzi scheme. Since Doug is one of their top conman, Modern Woodmen participated in sweeping this under the rug. Evidently, their legal privileges can even subdue the TV show- American Greed.

George says:
Doug and his dad ran a Ponzi scheme a few years back that ended in federal warrants for everyone involved - except for Doug and his dad, Duane. It was called PayTel. After all of their friends and investors on the Illinois side of the Quad Cities found out they lost everything, Doug moved to Bettendorf and his Dad to Galena. Doug claimed to have lost something in the scheme, however, his friends and investors in Modern Woodmen of America- lost are net worth. I think Doug gained a tax right off. He has good lawyers and always has= don't all good crooks! Some of us were contacted by the show American Greed. But somehow Doug weaseled out of that as well. Good luck Doug - your success in life has only come - by screwing others= how do you look @ yourself in the mirror each morning?