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Eric Simonds, MsFP
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Eric Simonds, MsFP


What is Fee-Only Financial Planning? As a fee-only establishment, Saltwater Harbor is compensated solely by our clients. There are no payments contingent on the sale of a financial product, no commissions, no bonuses. We are here solely for our clients, not the possibility of what we may be able to sell to them. We are one of the only financial practices that does not require a minimum net worth, amount invested or the custody of your assets in order to help you. We believe that everyone deserves the possibility of a financial future, regardless of their current situation. Adopting a fee-only model allows us to be accessible to nearly every individual seeking guidance. We work by the hour and you pay us only for the work we do for you. Nothing makes us more proud than seeing our client’s dreams and wishes come true. Your needs will always come first at Saltwater Harbor Financial. --------------------------- Who Do We Work With? Our fee-only model allows us the amazing opportunity to work with an extremely wide range of individuals, all at different points in their financial growth. Below are some of the types of individuals we service: *High Wealth *Middle Class *Impoverished individuals looking to change their financial course *Individuals experiencing a career change *Individuals looking to roll over retirement savings into self-directed IRAs *Individuals looking for assistance with small financial planning tasks *Individuals looking for full service comprehensive financial planning ------------------------------- About Eric Simonds, MsFP Eric Simonds has a passion for helping others. Over the past 12 years, Eric has gained his skills and credentials through both private and public sector careers in policy and compliance. This experience, in addition to his Masters of Financial Planning from Golden Gate University, allows him to provide quality financial planning to all Maine families through Saltwater Harbor. Eric takes great pride in operating his own financial planning practice, knowing he makes a difference in the lives of his clients. His motivation for success is fueled by his clients’ accomplishments and ability to achieve their financial dreams with his guidance. Eric is both a 2011 National Huguenot Scholarship recipient and the sole 2012 National Association Professional Financial Advisors Merit Scholar. In addition to his Masters in Financial Planning, Eric also holds Bachelor degrees from both the University of Maine and the University of Southern Maine. Highly involved in his local community and family, he resides in Brunswick with his wonderful wife, Kate, their two amazing sons, two naughty dogs and a cat. SERVICES: Fee-Only Comprehensive Financial Planning We provide analysis of all aspects of a client’s finances and design a plan to address needs and goals within the context of their life. We are able to impartially evaluate and recommend a sound plan of action in order to achieve the financial goals our clients want and deserve. -------------------------- Strategic Tax Planning We offer expert analysis and design of strategies utilizing the Internal Revenue Code so that our clients pay the lowest legal amount of taxes and receive the full benefit of those provisions. -------------------------------------------------------- Investment Recommendations & Portfolio Design Through our adherence to the fiduciary obligation, which requires us to place our clients needs ahead of our own, we can design a portfolio that meets your needs, instead of our sales quotas. We work to create portfolios that minimize fees and expenses while maximizing growth and tax-efficiency. We assist people looking for guidance and security that their finances are handled with attention to the best way to grow for their specific financial plan. --------------------- Estate Planning We work in conjunction with your attorney, or one that we can help you select, to create an estate plan that will not only honor your memory but also make the most efficient use of your resources. The design and use of a plan that is in compliance with current tax provisions and estate law will decrease the cost and time associated with the use of the probate system or other inefficient methods of property transfer. --------------------- Medicare Planning At Saltwater Harbor Financial we specialize in the delivering of effective Fee-Only financial planning that among other things, has the potential to shelter your assets from the ravishes of extensive healthcare costs and/or medicare recaptures. The fear of several generations of wealth being lost through long-term care or nursing home utilization can be very real. We work to keep your finances safe when facing these issues and can provide guidance and solutions in such situations.


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