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Earle W. Pitt, Jr., CLU, ChFC

John Hancock

Marshfield, MA



John Hancock


(781) 837-9921


Earle W. Pitt, Jr., CLU, ChFC
462 Plain Street
Marshfield, MA 02050

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Robert Hall says:
Dear Earle, I only recently noticed that I have not received renewal commissions for my John Hancock business for the past few years. I don't recall receiving anything from your office cancelling my agreement of February 1, 1996. I am particularly concerned about the renewals on John Hancock policy # 67117573, on the life of Marc Landeau. I continue to service this policy and have conserved it a number of times from replacement threats. The Landeau premium is $79K + and I have other WL renewals. Please check my renewal history and advise me of the status. Hope you and your family are well. Any news from the Hickey's? Best regards, Bob