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Randy R. Hartranft, LUTCF

Lehigh Valley, PA



(610) 691-5100


Randy R. Hartranft, LUTCF
PO Box 25001
Lehigh Valley, PA 18002

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Randy R. Hartranft says:
Randy, I hope this is the right email for you. I emailed several months ago and never heard from you. I was in Chicago for several months taking care of my Aunt who did pass away, again a very sad time in my life. However, I was contacted on my cell phone from a person who stated that you had retired and went over all my information and was supposed to put in contact with someone other than you, also she stated that there was no information re: MacKenzie as beneficiary. I was so upset to hear that you would be retiring at such a young age but if anyone deserved it that would be you. I hope that Bonnie and Adrian and the grand kids are doing wonderful. Things have been a struggle for both Mac and myself, we both lost our jobs. Well, what can say. Doug still hasn't spoken with Mac in 7 yrs. however, that is between his Lord and himself. Please call me or email me with an update or pictures. I don't do Facebook, haven't gotten up with the times. 805-376-0564/ cell 805 402-2975. Take care of yourself and please say to Bonnie. Linda Greenfield