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Bret J. Buterbaugh

MassMutual Financial Group

State College, PA



MassMutual Financial Group


(814) 466-6295


Bret J. Buterbaugh
3949 S Atherton St
State College, PA 16801

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Tom Truman says:
Bret, Long story short, received .73 years of service for $263.14 options: Lump sum or payroll deductions; ranging from 12 to 72 months at a cost /month ranging from $22.42 to $4.12 It seems obvious to do the lump sum, especially since I am going to retire 6/2012 had .56 with .73 = 1.29 though at the bottom it says.....if no payment is received, your retirement benefit will be permanently reduced to recover the cost... If I do nothing, in 91 days from billing, 11/30/10, this amount will be indebted to my account at a rate of 4% yearly; actuarial debt. Personally, with the new governor and possible changes in laws, I am going to pay this small amount off to ensure I have the .73. Theoretically, I know, they can't take it from me, but $263.14 is a small price to pay for peace of mind. Tom Truman