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David A. Packett

Southern Glass And Plastics

North Augusta, SC



Southern Glass And Plastics


(803) 730-7878


David A. Packett
424 Edgefield Rd
North Augusta, SC 29841

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Larry Dixon says:
Hi Savannah Glass and Plastic, I brought my Volvo S90 in for a windshield replacement Monday. The replacement service and cost was very good, but last night in the rain when I turned on the wiper blades, the left blade caught in the right blade and came off. The arm went all the way to the left and stopped. I took the car into Auto Intensive Care this morning. They found that the nut that holds the wiper arm in place had been too loose and the resulting arm collision had bent the gear/transmission track and the cable could not be re-installed. A replacement transmission costs $385.00 and labor to install would be $130.00. I appreciate the offer to look at the problem, but it took my mechanic a good bit of time to try to fix the damaged transmission before having to get a replacement. My mechanic was able to find a used one for no cost to me and get it working. I still ended up paying $180.76 in total labor to install it and the time taken to try to get the damaged one to work. It seems this has been an unfortunate experience for all. I have the tools I found under the hood and will return as soon as i can. I am calling David Packett as well. Larry