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Jim Niebuhr, CLU

Security Life of Denver (formerly Southland Life)

LaMarque, TX



Security Life of Denver (formerly Southland Life)




Jim Niebuhr, CLU
422 Hwy 3
LaMarque, TX 77568

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Jim Niebuhr says:
If you have my name linked to "Southland Life Insurance Company, that is a mistake. There is no longer a company by that name. I receive calls regularly and I always refer them to the phone number indicated further along in this message. The servicing company for Southland Life is now "Security Life of Denver (An ING company.) If you would change the phone for Southland Life to the servicing number (1-800-882-5050, of Security Life of Denver, I would appreciate it very much. If you would like to discuss this in more detail, please call me (or call the phone number that I printed in the above for permission or other research. (If you replaced the name of Southland Life to the new company's name, those old policyholders would not know how to get service; therefore, I would recommend you leave the name Southland Life in your data base but include an asterik /parenthesis that states "Now is Sevurity Life of Denver."...with the phone number listed as above. Thank you for your response. Jim Niebuhr

System Administrator says:
Listing information updated. Thanks!