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Pacific Insurance Group

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Pacific Insurance Group




Pacific Insurance Group
14595 Bel-Red Rd #101
Bellevue, WA 98007

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Pacific Insurance Group


Paving New Ways for Families Needing Life Insurance Wish you could find a life insurance agent that has your family’s best interest in mind as opposed to a company bottom line or the interests of insurance providers? Looking to work with an insurance professional who puts clients’ needs first? Quite frankly, we believe that this is the only acceptable way to do business when it comes to life insurance. We’re Pacific Insurance Group, a family-run term-life insurance group that makes sure other families are well taken care of. With 15 years in the insurance industry, we’ve become experts at finding the most appropriate permanent life insurance options for people in all situations. In other words, we support individuals looking for financial solutions to take care of their own families, now and in the future. We know there are companies out there that are more interested in receiving commissions or making one-time sales than they are with finding real-life answers to challenging circumstances. Pacific Insurance Group makes a daily habit of getting to know people and listening to their unique situations when it comes to insurance and financial planning. We’ve become so accustomed to matching our clients with the ideal life insurance products for their needs that we can’t imagine doing it any other way. Training Insurance Professionals We not only serve clients by providing customized term life insurance, we’re also dedicated to training others in our personalized approach to insurance. We offer marketing and advanced sales support to other insurance professionals, as we believe that sharing our innovative strategies, while keeping a focus on the clients, is crucial to the integrity of the insurance industry. We want to make sure our services, which sometimes get a bad rap from the public, is filled with agents and brokers who put the client’s best interest first. Whenever we sit down with a client, we always ask ourselves: “What’s best for this individual?” This question seems like an obvious starting point for any client or professional relationship. It’s what has kept many people coming back to us time and time again, to enter into business relationships or to sign up for life insurance policies. Our clients, and those who we form business relationships with, become part of our family, receiving our full attention and expertise when it comes to financial planning. This concept is at the forefront of our agent training efforts. We’re Here to Help Pacific Insurance Group is a National Marketing Director and Managing General Agent for multiple insurance companies. We provide a variety of insurance and annuity products to suit many needs, and we have an experienced team that’s ready to help any individual with their life insurance needs. Our comprehensive solutions to insurance and long-term financial planning bring peace of mind to many families. We accomplish this by turning to both traditional approaches and innovative products that will ultimately provide the best life insurance solutions. If you want to form a relationship with a life insurance company that always has your back, takes the time to understand your unique needs and goals, and is there for the long haul, call Pacific Insurance Group. We know the challenges that people and business owners face today, and we’re ready to offer real-life solutions to these challenges, along with professionalism and respect every step of the way.


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